5i Volleyball Club


Beijing Sandstorms. since 2007


Petra Adamova 
Attended Club: 2008 – 2012 
Post secondary play: Newcastle University 2012-2015), 

Most memorable moment: Thinking of one memorable volleyball moment is very difficult, because there are just too many. However my favourite WAB volleyball moment definitely has to be the Girl’s APAC finals in 2009 against BRENT. This was a very special game for numerous reasons, and one that I will remember forever. The APAC tournament was hosted by WAB that year, giving us the home court advantage and a loud crowd cheering us on. We lost against BRENT the day before the finals, and so when we found out they will be our last opponents we knew we had nothing to lose. We all supported, motivated and encouraged one another to give 110% during that game. And it was because of this teamwork, commitment, and support from the whole WAB community that made us the 2009 APAC Champions! The game ended with an insane score of 118-116 points, making it the closest match I’ve ever been a part of to this day. After us the boy’s final was played, in which WAB dominated. 2009 was therefore the first year where both WAB teams were APAC Champions.
The WAB volleyball teams weren’t just after school teams for me, but a second family, with whom I spent my weekends as well as parts of my holidays and most of my afterschool days with, and I’m very proud to be an alumni of this amazing family.