U12 5i Club Volleyball Program

How young is too young? Volleyball for beginners is already a challenging idea. So our approach is to teach concepts of the game; movement,space and depth and most importantly coordination.

Dates : March 25, April 15, 29, May 6, 13 

5i Volleyball Club


Beijing Sandstorms. since 2007

Time: 12:30-2:00pm 

Location: WAB 
训练地点: 京西国际学校

Ages: 10-12 year olds 年龄: 10-12岁
Gender: Boys and Girls  性别:男生和女生

Max number: 15 participants per program. 每次课程仅限15人

Students attending must display the 5 foundations of 5iVolleyball: international, inclusiveness, interactive, intensity and integrity. We want to ensure that each of our participants gain an understanding of the sport but work hard to improve their ability to move, catch, throw and play! 

5i排球俱乐部以:国际,包容性,互动性,强度和诚信为训练基础,发展孩子们的综合能力。 我们希望确保我们的每个参与者获得对这排球运动更加深刻的理解,努力提高他们的移动, 接球, 挥臂和比赛的能力.

Welcome to contact with us 
Email: 5ivolleyball@shine4sports.com
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